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Abgeschickt von Micanek Jaromir am 08 Februar, 2007 um 13:52:34

Antwort auf: I have an old map of Zwittau von Robert James Buske am 16 Januar, 2007 um 19:27:30:

: My Mother was born in Zwittau in 1912 and left with her immediate family before she was one. Her parents were father-Liebhafsky; mother Demel. Other relatives stayed through the wars. I have an original town maps, about 1930 and two books listing the entire population of Zwittau with street numbers and occupations, pre WW2. I would like to give them to the proper persons and am trying to get there to walk around the town where my grandparents lived.
: I only spead English.

Dear Sir.
Am citizen Svitavy,nastal in the year 1951. This town shall I with pleasure. In own line me his story. Namely above all story a year ago 1945, when town was German. You can have a look on . Map and above all books list, that the own,are large rarity. Fates people that the from Svitav after a year 1945 were compulsories exeunt, give only hardly find. Belong to to the small insider people that the about it near some former inhabitant tempt. Much you please, if these books to someone hand over, communicate me at him contact. I'd like him possibly some time or other asked about help. Should are yourselves wanted find out, how switched seats,where your grandparents lived, am at your service. At the same time very smooth over behind his feeble English.
Thank you.
Micanek Jaromír


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